First Aid has a color.

Wound Care has a name:

Derma GeL®


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Derma GeL® - The most trusted wound care product worldwide.

Rated # 1 among 219,423 health care professionals and users (*)

Derma GeL® tube 100mL scored highest satisfaction ratings for:


- Best wound care | Round-the-clock? unsurpassed total wound care

- Best infection control | Bactericidal and bacteriostatic

- Best wound protection | No secondary dressing required + insect repellent feature

- Best results | Minimal scarring, no excessive tissue granulation (proud-flesh), no hair discoloration on regrowth

- Best "ALL in ONE" first aid product | Extending the "golden period" for suturing beyond 8 hours

- Best packaging | Handy tube & flip-top cap + tube box in 7 languages

- Best value for money | Fewer applications because of healing time acceleration


(*) Largest independent survey ever conducted in 5 continents (HKT Inc. and AFC Associates)?

Derma GeL® - Unsurpassed Wound Care and Infection Control.

Derma GeL® is an isotonic hydrogel made of high-molecular-weight polymers that promotes wound healing in all animal species: 

horses, dogs, cats, livestock, birds, reptiles and exotics.

Derma GeL® ensures: bacteriostatic properties, moist environment, soothing effect, healing process enhancers, insect repellent feature and a protective layer. 

The unrivaled efficacy of this combination reduces drastically the healing time by 60% leading to fewer product applications.?